Adam Witt Design


Professional, Fun, and Fully Responsive

HTML • CSS • PHP • jQuery

A diverse and refined skillset combined with a focus on community betterment, well thought-out design centered around the user, and a splash of creative problem solving make for a website that doesn’t just look good – it excels in every way possible. I am highly skilled in making websites that are responsive to any device or screen size, and specialize in theme building for WordPress as well as SharePoint web management.


Capturing Every Moment

With over ten years of experience, a degree in Film/Video Technology, and professional-grade videography gear, I can be ready for anything from an impromptu show to a fully planned piece. I specialize in filming performances, promotional videos that highlight both company and culture, short documentaries, tutorial videos, and weddings.


Building brand and community

Visual communication is essential from full branding to a simple flyer. I specialize in InDesign creating reports, flyers, brochures, print ads, logos, icons, banners, infographics, and photography.


Animation Never Looked So Good

The NewGrounds Annual Tournament of Animation (NATA), created and organized by Adam Witt Design, is a yearly competition of animation ability and quality using any animation medium. The goal of NATA is to encourage creativity in its most original form, while also helping animators to exercise their strengths with time limits, competitors, and completely original content creation.